Omega Xi Chapter at University of Cincinnati

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Madison Shumate


Hi, my name is Madison Shumate and I am the current chapter President! I am currently a second year in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. I am going to school to pursue a career in Human resources. My dream would be to get a job for a cosmetics company and move to Tennessee. In my free time, I love to watch Youtube and play switch games at the house with my sisters. My favorite part about being in Kappa Delta is that I got to live in a house with all of my sisters. I have found my best friends while living in the house.

Emily Walburn

Vice President Member Education

Hi my name is (Emily) Walburn! I’m a second-year International Affairs and Political Science major with a certificate in War, Peace, and Security. One of my favorite experiences at UC was my study abroad trip to Belgium and The Netherlands exploring international institutions; if you ever want to hear about the European Union, NATO, or how good Belgian waffles are, I’m your girl. After I graduate from UC I want to continue my education and pursue a law degree. KD has given me a strong community and support system and I want everyone else to have that as well!!

Lizzy Geraghty

Vice President Membership

Hi, my name is Lizzy Geraghty! I am a second-year Urban Planning Major with either an International Business or Journalism minor. I am passionate about design, sustainability, cities, and travel. Currently, I am on co-op at a non-profit called College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation. I do a lot of work with rebranding their social media and website plus am learning so much about community development and corporate site redevelopment. I love sports, specifically soccer and volleyball and am your go-to girl to talk about anything related to sustainability in the business world and in a university setting. Ask me anything about Recruitment!

Helen Lohre

Vice President Operations

Hi everyone! My name is Helen Lohre, and I’m a third-year in Political Science. I’m also minoring in English and pursuing a Legal Studies certificate with hopes to continue to law school. I’m super passionate about free and fair elections and voting rights. In my down time, I love hanging out with my friends and sisters. I also love watching the Bachelor, or whatever I like on Netflix at the moment.

Madi Link

Vice President Community Service

Hey everyone! I am a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering major at the University of Cincinnati and co-op with Turner Construction. I work on their engineering team and my favorite site that I worked at was Union Terminal in downtown Cincinnati on UT's renovation/restoration. I mainly oversee the installation of mechanical systems, but lots of other various things in the MEP world. I also work at Bogart's in Clifton during the school semesters. I love to travel, listen to podcasts, take care of my plants and have a fish tank with tropical fish. I am also the president of Serve Beyond Cincinnati at UC and am a director at Southwest Ohio HOBY.

Mary LeBus

Vice President Public Relations

Hey! My name is Mary Callaway LeBus and I am a second-year at UC majoring in Journalism and minoring in French and Communication. I love to write, listen to music and take photos, while also spending time with my friends and sisters! I currently work for The News-Record at UC as Chief Photographer and serve as Kappa Delta’s Vice President of Public Relations. Once I graduate college, I hope to work for a magazine or news company, while getting the opportunity to travel and live a fulfilling life.

Kaitlyn Kelly

Vice President Standards

Hey, ya’ll! My name is Kaitlyn Kelly and I am a third-year studying Political Science and Anthropology with a certificate in legal studies. Outside of Kappa Delta, I am involved in Delight Ministries and I work at Lilly Pulitzer! In my free time, I enjoy grabbing a coffee with friends and creating different music playlists! I am so excited to see what this next year in my life holds!

Megan Wells


Hello! My name is Megan Wells, I am a Junior currently studying Marketing and sales in the college of business at UC! I enjoy drawing and painting as well as watching Netflix with my roommates! I love organizing things, especially the KD house. I am so thankful I joined Kappa Delta because of all the great sisters I have gained and all the leadership opportunities I have. I would have to say the moment I realized how much KD means to me is one of the first nights I moved into the KD house and there was a large group of us laughing until late at night in the common room. I felt so at home in that moment and continue to thank KD for bringing me so much joy and laughter!

Mikayla Wing

Vice President Finance

Sydney Bahr

Panhellenic Delegate

Hi all! I am Sydney Bahr, a second-year pre-med student. I am currently working on a Deaf Studies certificate as well as a Developmental Disabilities certificate. My ultimate career goal is to be a flight surgeon in the army so I can save the lives of those that protect our freedom. Kappa Delta has helped me to become the person I am today. When I started college, I was mentally in the worst place I have ever been and Kappa Delta took me in and gave me my self-confidence back and pushed me to be the best person I can be. I want to be this person for someone else and lead KD to continue to be a safe place for many more future sisters.

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