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A message from one of our alumnae, Kim: Greetings to all my sisters. I am Kim Howard Bittner, a January '77 initiate of ΩΞ. I was asked to put some brief thoughts together summarizing my membership in our dear ΚΔ. How can I do that in a few sentences? I recall standing on the sidewalk in front of the old house at the end of prefs, as chapter serenaded us "rushees" with a haunting rendition of "When You Go" before they silently blew out their candles and retreated into the house, thinking I would die if I didn't get a bid to join that amazing group of women. All the laughter, tears, hard work and fun; holding appointed offices, serving on Council, yet never thinking about what lay ahead regarding involvement after college. I thought I had grasped what membership meant, but until I had experienced ΚΔ from the alum perspective, down through the years gaining meaningful relationships with hundreds of strong, capable women united in bonds of dedication to the same principles I hold dear, who have been there for me through all the ups-and-downs, the ins-and-outs of life, could I truly appreciate the gift I was given when I was offered a bid of membership. Since college I have served (in some cases, more than once) on the local AC Board, House Corp, CAB and the ΩΞ Education Fund. I was so blessed to find a chapter contemporary of mine had tracked my involvement based on brief mention in my holiday letters and nominated me for Order of the Emerald, a recognition I was truly overwhelmed to receive. Though I now have also served for a few years on the National Scholarship Selection Committee (I have no idea who recommended me!), my other involvement has always been local. I am honored to serve and spend time with my ΩΞ sisters in various capacities, and can now joyfully share that with my daughter Jo who was initiated as an alum a year ago. I encourage everyone to remain engaged in any capacity, or stick your toe back in the water and join us for dinner or some other fun event. You will gain so much more than the effort you put forth. AOT.